Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make an order?
You can make an order by clicking on the Products tab, selecting what items you would like to order and following the checkout prompts. Your order will then be sent to our distribution centre where an invoice will be generated and emailed to you. We require payment of your order before your items are sent for delivery.

Note: If you are ordering on behalf of a school or company, we will be in contact with you with regards to payment.
Are the current Fourth Edition Maths Mate books addressing the New Zealand Curriculum?
Maths Mate is designed to ensure it adheres to the New Zealand curriculum. All the levels are written to the current curriculum.
Will there be new editions released in 2015?
There are no new editions set to be released in 2015. Maths Mate books are only updated when there is a change in the New Zealand curriculum.
Is there any difference between the Teacher Resource Books hard copies and the Teacher Resource CD?
The Teacher Resource CD is a cheaper and greener alternative to the hard copies of the Teacher Resource Books. It contains all the Teacher Resource Books in a digital format.
Can I order Maths Mate materials if I am not a teacher?
Anyone can order Maths Mate materials for private use with individual students, at home or other institutions.
Does the programme work for mixed ability classes?
The programme continually reinforces skills relevant to all students. It is designed to allow all students to achieve a satisfying degree of success yet give even the most mathematically advanced students problem solving challenges.
Are the Skill Builders related to the Maths Mate programme?
Designed to complement Maths Mate, the Skill Builders give step by step instruction and provide additional practice for students who are struggling with a particular skill or strand. Skill Builders have been developed to ensure the diagnostic nature of the programme leads to immediate remediation. Through their own record keeping, students can identify an area of concern and complete the appropriate skill builder sheet.